翻訳研究育成プロジェクト第6回会合(講演会)のお知らせ [翻訳研究育成プロジェクト]

今回はイギリスのリーズ大学(University of Leeds)のマーチン・トーマス先生(Dr. Martin Thomas)をゲストにお迎えし、翻訳支援ツールと機械翻訳、コーパスに関する「マルチモダリティーと翻訳」についてご講演いただき、皆さまと討論の時間を持ちたいと思います。ふるってご参加ください。講演は英語になります。

講演者:Dr. Martin Thomas(University of Leeds)

Genre shift, multimodality and translation: towards an empirical approach

Genres shift in time and space: a text which is prototypical of a given genre in one cultural context might appear as an outlier in another. 
More or less prototypical instances can thus never be constant. If we conceive of genre as itself functional and productive, this has a double significance for translation: does the target text seek to instantiate the same genre as the source?; how might the translation collaborate with the reader to make best use of genre conventions current in the target culture? Moreover, if we accept that linguistic analysis alone cannot adequately account for the semantics of multimodal documents, what might be the implications of this for translation/localization?

This presentation has two broad aims. Firstly, it seeks to problematize and shed light upon these questions, unpacking approaches to genre, and looking at issues of prototypicality and shift in multimodal documents. 
Specifically, the affordances of different writing systems are considered in relation to typography. Insodoing, it draws on examples of original texts, translations and candidate texts for translation of types which we encounter in everyday life.

Secondly, it responds to concerns that much multimodal analysis lacks sound empirical bases, resulting in analytical circularity and a tendency to under- or over-estimate the relative frequency of particular textual features -- and hence their significance. The presentation describes a corpus-based approach to the analysis of cross-linguistic variation in everyday documents. This approach allows us to pursue several lines of investigation in terms of cross-linguistic variation and translation/localization effects. Such research reveals interesting features of the multimodal and multilingual instantiation of the genres under analysis. In turn, this might inform the evaluation of existing documents -- and their localized counterparts -- as well as the production of new ones.

Having benefited from interdisciplinary training in languages and information design, combined with industrial experience in information technology, Dr. Martin Thomas has focused on the development of empirical approaches to multilingual, multimodal text analysis, with applications in translation and localization. He is also currently Director of the Centre of Translation Studies at the University of Leeds.


場所:立教大学(池袋キャンパス)11号館 2階 A203教室





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